We are dedicated to the on-going research of issues surrounding pathological and adolescent gambling and the wider socioeconomic issues.  We cover all aspects of gambling and their effects on society, from lotteries, sports betting, casino wagering all the way through to online gambling and the impact of real money pokies.

According to recent gambling figures released by the Queensland Government the growth of gambling related issues within society continues unabated, particularly in relation to a continual increase in the number of Australians looking to play pokies for real money online. In response to the continued rise in online gambling, we are looking to produce a number of guidebooks and fact sheets that attempt to raise awareness of gambling disorders.  These can be downloaded in Adobe pdf format directly via the www.ira-org website.

Each of our guides has been created with a different audience in mind.   Research from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that that there is an increasing trend  towards mobile online gambling, particularly in respect to online casinos.  Our research indicated that technological advances in smart phone hardware and the general acceptance of HTML5 as a web standard are two of the major factors responsible for the growth in mobile online gambling amongst Australian citizens.

Here at www.the-ira.org website, we make every effort to ensure our research on gambling and the prevalence of problem gambling in Australia is made public.  Our work is made up of two components:

  • Quarterly surveys
  • A series of one off reports into problem gambling issues

Each year we draw results from both the surveys and reports to produce an annual compendium report that summarises the main gambling related issues that have been identified in that year.  Our quarterly reports focus heavily on poker machine gambling, a significant issue within Australian society.  Key issues we cover when looking at this issue include:

  • Play patterns and behaviours
  • Speed of play and the impact of features within pokie games
  • Venues where pokie games are accessed and the encompassing environment
  • Players views on the potential impact of proposed maximum stake proposals on poker machines

The issue of problem gambling is likely to continue, particularly given the growth in the popularity of online casinos amongst the Australian population.  The recent Productivity Commission Report into Online Gambling has highlighted a number of issues that needs to be addressed by by Federal and State governments, in order that Australian’s are properly protected when playing their favourite poker machine games online.  Here at www.-the-ira.org we have already started to tailor our player surveys to reflect both brick and mortar and online gambling establishments, in order that we can continue to provide an all encompassing view towards gambling and it’s associated issues within the Australian population.